• How do I access free previews?

    Free previews and purchased a courses that you've registered for are accessed through your 'student dashboard'.

  • How do I access my purchased course?

    Free previews and purchased a courses that you've registered for are accessed through your 'student dashboard'.

  • Can I spread the cost?

    Most of our courses have payment plans to allow you to spread the cost over 2, 3 or more months (depending on the price). Select the option to pay in installments from the course landing page or checkout.

  • How do I get my packs/workbooks?

    Most 'learning' videos have an accompanying pack or workbook that sits just under the video, scroll down if it's out of view on your screen. Click on the pack/workbook to automatically open it. You can then choose to download it to use electronically and/or to print it off.

  • I can't progress my course session

    Some sessions are mandatory, which means you have to actively show you've read them or completed them by clicking the box under the session/lesson. This is normally used for assessments, assignments, health or safety information.

  • Can I write my notes straight into the workbooks?

    The workbooks are in PDF format so you’ll be able to make notes into the document with Adobe editor or type straight into the document if you have the correct level of PDF software. You can also view, read, download and print them at your leisure.

  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    All of our courses are access for life.

  • If I need extra support or guidance, how do I get it?

    There are several ways: Upgrade to Deluxe for next level support or to Premium for maximum online support. If you are already upgraded then you have lifetime access to our Private Members Only Facebook Community where we invite you to ask like-minded people and engage to share best practice and ideas. As part of the private members group, you will receive 3 free monthly benefits from Nicky and Alison including a 15 minute ‘live’ community topic discussion where you have the opportunity to interact, or watch back the discussion at your own leisure. Like or follow our public social media channels, Facebook, Instagram & You Tube where we share lots of general inspiration to keep you motivated for free! Take a look at our other online courses to see if any of them are specific to your needs. If you’re unsure what course will be best fit for you then please enquire via email to: healthyhuman360@gmail.co.uk If you wish to work with Alison and Nicky on a private 1-1 level, please email healthyhuman360@gmail.co.uk to list your requirements and discuss package price.

  • How do I use my ‘members’ discount coupon?

    (1) On the checkout payment page, click on the ‘Have a coupon?’ link. (2) Input the coupon code in the text box that appears (3) Press ‘Apply’ (4) The checkout will update the order detail with the discount applied if the coupon is successfully added.